WordPress SEO Optimization

Today, I will share something usefull and fun to all of you guys. Especially for wordpress user who want to be number one rank in search engine, like google and yahoo. All of these are about basic SEO technics for WordPress Engine. In fact, there are many blogger that have been doing this, the SEO Optimization. But they do not get nothing, because they do not understand the basic technics of SEO. In this articles, I have a little tips for WordPress SEO Optimization, that maybe can help you guys.

Actually, I’m still newbie in this scoope of topic. But I really interesting in this kind of science. I Just wanna share to you, about the science I’ve got before. Maybe from ebook tutorials, of even from the master of SEO that I met, he is Mr. Ali Mustika Sari and Mr. Hiru Mangun Indra Jaya, the owner of  Bantal Mobil Store.

WP SEO or Worpdress Search Engine Optimization, is a technics that has many ways, with one purpose. That purpose is to make our website or blog becomes number one in search engine. Like when someone put a keyword in the search field, than they press “search” button.


And this list that they got,


That picture is just an example of basic WordPress SEO Optimization.

Here are some tips and trick, that you still works in the blogging world. Some of them, just only work in WordPress engine only. Since wordpress is the best engine for blogs. But you can take the concept of these tips, for future use in other Content Management System (CMS). Not like other CMS, wordpress has somep plugin for it’s engine. You can install and remove the plugin as easy as you install a program in real Operating System, just click and click. This things is very helpful feature for improving you WordPress SEO Optimizaton.

Here are some tips to Optimize you WordPress SEO :

1. Register your blog in a popular Search Engine, like Google and Yahoo. Because a search engine, need to index you blog directory into their database. To manage a keyword for best result or same as the user want. Here the register address for two big search engine, that I belived :

2. Use SEO plugins for you wordpress. Here are some plugins that really helpfull for WordPress SEO Optimization :

  • There are two pupoluar SEO plugin (free) to help you wordpress engine, they are All in One SEO Pack, and SEO Ultimate. Both of these plugins have the same usability. Just use on of these plugin, for better seo improving.
  • Use SEO plugin for pictures or photos. The biggest mistake that I usually see, are when the bloggers forget to fill the TITTLE and ALT parameter for their pictures. And usually, pictures are forgotten from the SEO. The best plugin to managing it is SEO Friendly Images.
  • Google XML Sitemaps plugin, for better google indexing.

3. The Permalink of your article, which is also important for SEO Optimization.Because as short or readable url you use, as easy too google to index your site.

The default permalink of WordPress is like this line,


Or like this one if you have activated the permalink,


But for better SEO Optimization, you can add a HTML extention behind the real permalink like this one,


To make your wordpress url becomes like that, just goto Permalink Setting, and in the Custom Structure, write down this syntax %category%/%postname%.html

How, whether you’ve been doing in WordPress SEO Optimization, as I argued above.


2 komentar

  1. Hadah Bahasa Jerman.

    oh ya SEO joomla yang mak nyus ada ga kang

    1. engslish gan…
      waduh, ane jarang pakek JOOMLA gan, pake WP seringnya

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